Woman, flowers & Things I

  • Model
    Make up
    Mathilde Passeri

  • IWomen, flowers & things I, experimenting with the plasticity of matter helps pit the stark paradoxical essence of consumer society against the perishable nature of things. We consume so as to forget that we too will expire, though our waste will outlive is. We dream of eternity in a disposable time, to live and even be reborn in a evermore virtual world.

    These concepts are manifest in my practice and serve to underscore the perils of beauty subject to time (or non-time) and artifice; where it becomes foreign, elusive, and disturbing. The living elements challenge our own fears, our own constant metamorphosis, our own inherent destructive forces that lie within us all.

    The vanitas series focuses neither on death nor life, rather the transition from one the to the other. Photography is therefore the natural medium of choice for its power to trap time and the ephemeral.